Getting any or either of these notices from your landlord can be a highlystressful experience. While it might seem like the end of the road at first, the important point to remember is that you must remain calm and understand that the key points we list below apply to many landlords and agencies.

Be Calm, Be Collected, Be Rational

We understand this is much easier said than done. However, there is no landlord or property management agency that will want to go through a formal and costly eviction process. In many circumstances, property owners have the same financial restrictions and burden and cannot afford to have a property that is occupied, but where no payment is being received.

When a tenant stops paying rent, landlords need to cover every expense that is related to the property. This will often include bills, mortgage payments, taxes, fees, maintenance and more.

The reason a 3-day pay rent notification, or a quit notice is served so quickly in California is due to the regulations which state this is the very first step in what is otherwise considered to be a long-winded process.

Always Communicate and Don’t Avoid Calls or Messages

This can really make a difference. If you did not communicate before you ran into financial problems, then you need to make sure you start doing this now.  It can also help to alleviate some of the stress from the situation as well. Communicate well and wherever possible, always reply to messages and phone calls promptly. If you are going to be late with the rent, always provide the day you will be able to settle your account by. This is also referred to as a promise to pay date and should always be adhered to in order to show the property manager and the landlord that you can be trusted and that you understand the importance of the agreements you have in place.

Landlords Know Their Rights

Do not be complacent. Most landlords will know the law inside out and will have received legal advice prior to issuing you with an eviction notice.

Leaving the Property

It is far better for everyone concerned if things do not go to court. If you are dealing with eviction, speak with your property manager and do everything within your power to leave the property without needing to attend court. There are often things you can do to help make your exit easier and less costly. If you offer to vacate voluntarily, they might not seek to recoup the full costs of the unpaid rent in order to avoid expensive legal fees. Always leave the property in the best possible condition. If you cause excessive damage to a property, then a landlord has the right to raise a small-court claim to obtain reimbursement of additional costs they have had to pay out.

Going through this process is never planned nor is it enjoyable for anyone involved. The key to success is to communicate, be rational, and be realistic.

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