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#1: I like one of your properties! How do I schedule a tour?

You can call or text our Leasing Department at 909-438-1008. Our business hours are Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm to receive full front desk services. Weekend appointments should be scheduled no later than closing on Friday.

Alternatively, you can also message us through our Contact Page.

#2: I’ve seen the property. What’s the next step?

You can apply online at www.pinnacleipm.com/rental. Simply scroll down to the property which you are interested in and click on the application link.

#3: Do I really need to tour the property before I apply?

Pinnacle International requires that you tour the property, either in person or through a trusted friend or real estate agent. This is because it is important to get a personal feel for the community and home in which you will be living in for the next 12 months. Please be aware that your application will not be fully processed until we verify that you have gone on the tour. Please contact our front desk at 909-438-1008 to make an appointment.

#4: Do you work with outside real estate agents?

Yes! We began our journey as real estate agents and we are happy to support others in their real estate careers.

We require the following before we release our lock box codes:

-Your name as it will show on the CA DRE search site

-A photocopy of your business card with DRE# clearly shown (unfortunately, we do not click on links to e-cards)

-The property address you wish to show

-A specific date and time

On occasion there may be properties where the homeowners prefer for one of our representatives to be onsite just to lock and unlock the property, however you are more than welcome to give the tour yourself. Please call our front desk for more information.

Note for Agents –  Please make sure that your clients list you as their agent in the appropriate section of their application. Commissions are only paid to real estate agents whose clients go on to sign the lease agreement and complete move-in for qualifying properties.

#5: Do you consider lease agreements less than 12 months?

Currently the majority of our lease agreements are for an initial 12 months. Some properties in Downtown Los Angeles may have exceptions on the lease terms. Please contact us for more information on those properties.

#6: What is the application fee and is it refundable?

The total application fee is $35 per adult applicant (18+ years or older). When you submit your application through our third-party screening vendor, AppFolio, the charges are broken down into a non-refundable $5 service fee taken directly by AppFolio and a $30 application fee which can be refunded if you are not approved to rent the property. In order to refund you correctly, we will need your Full Name and the address of the property for which you applied.

#7: Do you accept third party checks? What about government assistance?

We currently accept third party checks as long as they are not linked to a business account. All government agency assistance is accepted (SSDI, SSI, EDD, etc.).

#8: Do you accept co-signers?

We currently accept co-signers as part of the application process. All cosigners are required to submit the same documentation as prospective applicants. Please see our Screening and Fees Page for more information.

#9: My child is 18 years old but still in high school. Why do they have to be on the lease if they are still in school?

Turning 18 can be an exciting if ambiguous time, especially if the transition between childhood and adulthood will occur while one is still attending high school. Although they will always be your child, the 18-year mark is where the law will view your child through the lens of adulthood regardless of their academic enrollment.

Renting through Pinnacle International, and through other property management companies, requires that all applicants aged 18 years or older be part of the application process, regardless of their student status.

This is a good opportunity to prepare your 18-year-old for the new legal obligations which they will now be expected to uphold and to teach them how they can access or keep an eye on their credit score. Guiding your 18-year-old through the application process can be a special moment of transition into this new period in their life.


In case of emergency please text our 24hr hotline (888) 746-6468. If it is not an emergency please submit your work order on your tenant portal with picture.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: (888) 746-6468

Please leave a detailed message if you reach our automated voicemail system. State your name, address, phone number and the reason for the emergency call. Our on call staff will get back to you. If this is a life threating emergency please call 911.

Pinnacle International Property Services is fully committed to following the Fair Housing Act (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968). We do not condone discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, handicap (disability), and familial status (including children under the age of 18 living with parents of legal custodians, pregnant women, and people securing custody of children under the age of 18).

As professionals in the property management industry, we gladly comply with the Fair Housing Act and with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the real estate industry in the State of California.

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