Taking the decision to show your property to interested tenants while your current tenant is already in situ is a choice that many landlords need to make. Whether you are looking to maximize your rental revenue, or you want to get the new tenants in quickly, there are a few key things you need to do to help you make the most of this opportunity.

Tenant Communications

The most important point you need to remember is that your current tenant is still paying you to live at the property. You need to allow them to live a semi-normal life and respect that this is still their home for the time being.

Respect the Notice Period

Have open communications with your tenant is key. Working out a schedule in advance of their final month and establishing when the property will be empty Vs. when they will be in is a great first step to take.

While state laws change, the typical notice period is between 24-48 hours for a viewing. It is important that you respect the notice period of your tenants and that they are allowed to live their normal lives while still paying to live in your property.

Animals and Cleaning

If you have allowed your tenants to keep their animals in your property, you must ensure that they are removed or fully-secured during any viewings. It is also reasonable to request that the tenant makes every effort to clean up before the house is open to any quests as well.

Tenant Invectives

A common tactic that is deployed by many landlords is to offer their tenants incentives for their cooperation. Multiple showings and constant communications to arrange viewing require co-operation. In order to get the best cooperation from a tenant, you can offer them a rent abatement or even some vouchers for a local restaurant.

Considerate Property Marketing

There are many different types of property marketing tactics that are used and deployed by property management agencies. The tried and trusted signage that sits outside a property is still used, and in some cases, it is still effective as tenants may drive around a neighborhood they wish to live in and spot the sign. It is important to be considerate and if using a sign such as this, make sure that it is made clear that people should inquire with the agency and not disturb the tenants directly.

An open-house viewing might be a much better way to go about hosting your viewings. Not only will this give the tenant a specific date to work with, but you can also offer to have the house professionally cleaned before and after the showing to help ease the burden and ensure you have a pristine house to show to your prospective tenants.

It goes without saying, if you have an unhappy tenant or a tenant who is being forced to move out, you might be far better off waiting for their tenancy to come to an end, rather than wasting time trying to get someone who is not willing to be cooperative.

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