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Read through the maintenance issues below before contacting our team.
Clogged Toilets & Drains
If your toilet clogs, you can generally get the blockage out of the pipes with a plunger. Flush only once and then press the plunger over the drain and create a seal. Pump the plunger multiple times to clear the pipe.

Clogged Drains

If you sink or bathtub isn’t draining properly, consider purchasing a draining cleaning tool to fish hair or other debris out of the pipe. Do not use corrosive chemicals to clean the pipe, as this could cause damage to the system.

Electrical Problems
If you lose power in your property, first locate your circuit breaker and reset the system.

If you continue to have problems, contact your utility company. Temporary outages may occur during bad weather or due to construction in the area.

Outlet Failure

If an outlet in your home isn’t working, test a different appliance to isolate the root of the problem. If you have GFCI outlets (outlets with reset and test buttons), you can restore power by first pressing “test,” and the clicking the “reset” button.

Hot Water Outage
If you lose hot water in your property, locate the hot water heater. Most water heaters have a reset cycle option.

If you live in an apartment building, your water is likely heated in a communal boiler. Please contact us.

No Heat or A/C
Your heat and A/C is controlled via the thermostat in your rental. Locate the thermostat and cycle it if possible. You may also want to contact your utility provider to make sure there are no problems with your account.
Emergency Maintenance
In case of a life-threatening situation, contact 911.

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In case of emergency please text our 24hr hotline (888) 746-6468. If it is not an emergency please submit your work order on your tenant portal with picture.

EMERGENCY NUMBER: (888) 746-6468

Please leave a detailed message if you reach our automated voicemail system. State your name, address, phone number and the reason for the emergency call. Our on call staff will get back to you. If this is a life threating emergency please call 911.

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