Typically, the notice period for a property with be a standard of 30 days which is always required in writing. Regardless of whether you have been planning to move out of your property or not, there is always much stress that is attached to this process. In fact, moving home is said to be one of the most stressful experiences you will go through in your adult life.

Read on to learn more about how you can have the most successful move out and start getting prepared immediately to avoid the common stresses that can arise!

It’s Official

When you provide notification in writing that you intend to vacate a property, you will receive an official response that confirms the move-out date along with other important details of your rights and responsibilities.

Inspection Time

When you provide your property manager with notice of your intent to leave, an inspection will need to take place. In most cases, this will be conducted one week before your official leaving date. As there are many people who plan to vacate their property at the end of the month, it is important to book this in as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment with available booking slots.

Cleaning and Preparation to Leave

If the property has carpets, you will be expected to pay for a professional carpet cleaner and in all cases, receipts should be kept as proof. Personal effects will need to be removed and all keys will need to be handed over. Most property management agencies will continue to charge you rent until all the keys are returned. If you do not get everything ready for your inspection, you might be charged a fee to re-inspect when you are ready.

Any normal wear and tear of the property is not down to the tenant to fix. Guidance will be provided as to what each of these entail, and if you haven’t already received a copy or cannot find it, please refer to your tenant contract or contact a property manager to get this information.

Outside Space

The gardens and outside space will need to taken care of. If you haven’t kept on top of this throughout your contract it can end up being a significant matter. However, as long as you have the right tools, or a friend does; you can usually get on top of an unruly garden within a matter of days.

Another often overlooked issue is to ensure the driveways or parking are free from dirt and grease. There are many solutions you can buy from your local hardware store that will easily rectify these situations. Downspouts and any guttering will also need to be free-from any leaves or blockages too.

Inside the Property

It goes without saying that you need to ensure the windows are cleared inside and out. If you have fitted any decals anywhere inside the property, these will also need to come off too. Blinds, curtains, shades etc need to be hung correctly and in full working order.


If the property comes with a garage, then you need to make sure it is free from any of your personal effects and more importantly, that you thoroughly clean out this space. Don’t put this task off as the flooring will need to be completely dry before the inspection.

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